Zombie Crisis 2

Our characters are attacked without deducting HP, unlimited physical strength and unlimited bullets. Press 1379*0# to lock BT money with any one click.

2. The plot of the game will deduct the HP of the car when driving and colliding: the HP of the car will be automatically filled when the HP of the car is 0, and the game will not fail.

The plot of “Zombie Crisis 2” immediately follows “Zombie Crisis – Outbreak in the City”. After the protagonist Jack buried his beloved wife Lucy, he got the amazing news that the base was attacked by the government army.

For the safety of his sister and companions, Jack once again engaged in a bloody battle and was rescued by the secret underground resistance in the crisis. And join it.
The government’s biochemical experiments are still going on, more people have become victims, more biochemical monsters appear in the city, and the protagonist is facing a greater test. In Zombie Crisis 2, more powerful weapons and equipment will be added.

In addition to maintaining a series of guns, new weapons have been added, such as flamethrowers, grenades, mines, and sniper guns. You can burn the enemy with a flamethrower, shoot the enemy’s head with a sniper gun, and kill the enemy with grenade mines. In addition to gun warfare.

There is also a new way to drive and fight on the highway to experience another fresh excitement

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