University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship 2024

When I was in high school, receiving a large university scholarship was one of my biggest goals and dreams.
The University of Winnipeg offers an excellent scholarship program called the President’s Scholarship that provides substantial funding for top students.

In this  article, I will go into extensive detail about all aspects of the University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for 2024. By the end, you will have an in-depth understanding of this prestigious award’s eligibility requirements, application process, selection criteria, funding details, and more. I hope this comprehensive overview helps prepare strong candidates for this life-changing opportunity.

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Background on the University of Winnipeg

Before going into specifics about the President’s Scholarship, it is helpful to provide context about the University of Winnipeg itself. The University of Winnipeg is a major comprehensive university located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Founded in 1967, it is one of Canada’s top primarily undergraduate universities with an enrolment of approximately 11,000 students. The University of Winnipeg has a reputation for offering high-quality liberal arts and sciences programs along with selected professional and pre-professional degrees. Its picturesque downtown campus is home to diverse research and academic initiatives focused on social justice and community engagement.

Beyond its academic excellence, the University prides itself on providing generous financial support to motivated students through scholarships, bursaries and other awards programs. The President’s Scholarship is one of the University’s most prestigious entrance awards, recognizing top achievement among incoming undergraduates. Over the next several paragraphs, I will explain all eligibility requirements, award details, and application instructions for the 2024 President’s Scholarship in extensive step-by-step detail.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for consideration, applicants must meet several important eligibility criteria:

Canadian citizenship or permanent residency: Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents entering their first year of full-time undergraduate studies directly from high school in Canada.

High academic achievement: Applicants are expected to have an admission average of 95% or higher based on specified Grade 12 University/University-level prerequisite courses. These typically include 6 senior-level academic courses like English, Math, Sciences, etc. Meeting the minimum average does not guarantee acceptance as competition is very high.

Leadership experience: In addition to strong grades, the selection committee seeks well-rounded students who demonstrate initiative, community involvement and extracurricular interests. Applicants must provide evidence of leadership experience gathered through volunteer work, student government roles, employment, organizing social events or campaigns, and more.

Program of study: The scholarship can be held while completing any first-entry, full-time undergraduate degree program at the University of Winnipeg. This includes bachelor’s programs in Arts, Science, Business Administration and select entry-level professional/pre-professional streams.

Other restrictions: Individuals who have completed a previous degree or post-secondary diploma are not eligible. Neither are students admitted to the University through applicant categories like mature students or those upgrading high school prerequisites.

If all eligibility criteria are clearly met, candidates can proceed confidently with their scholarship applications. Now let’s move on to exploring specific award details and funding amounts.

Funding Amounts and Benefits

The President’s Scholarship has a total value of $20,000 spread equally over 4 years for full-time studies. This equates to $5,000 worth of non-repayable funding being awarded annually to each of the 10 recipients. To put this amount into perspective:

  •  $5,000 covers almost the entire cost of 30 credit hours of tuition per year at the University of Winnipeg.
  • Over 4 years, the total $20,000 scholarship alleviates a significant financial burden and helps cover a large portion of undergraduate degree costs.
  • Receiving a $5,000 scholarship annually frees up resources to focus on other student expenses like housing, food, books and technology without accumulating student debt.
  • The scholarship’s multi-year structure provides long-term financial security during the entire undergraduate degree journey from Year 1 through to graduation.
  • On top of its monetary value, the President’s Scholarship carries immense prestige as recognition of exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential.

In summary, this award makes post-secondary education financially viable through multi-year funding support totaling $20,000. Now we will outline the step-by-step application process to apply for this transformational scholarship opportunity.

The Application Process

The University of Winnipeg launches annual application guidelines and materials for the President’s Scholarship each fall. Here are the key deadlines and steps involved:

Application deadline: January 15, 2024 is when complete online or paper applications must be submitted by.

  1. Meet admission requirements: Candidates must first apply for and receive an offer of admission to a first-year University of Winnipeg degree program.
  2. Complete application form: Available for download starting in October 2023 on the University’s scholarship/awards webpage.
  3. Prepare supporting documents: This includes an in-depth resumé, 500-word personal essay on a provided topic, two reference letters (one academic reference is mandatory).
  4. Submit by deadline: The online system or paper application and all supporting documents must be received by the scholarship office on or before January 15th.

Shortlisted candidates will then be contacted in February 2024 to schedule a President’s Scholarship interview with the selection committee, usually taking place in late February or early March. The interview is a key factor in determining final recipients.

Selection Process

Once all complete applications are submitted, an independent selection committee comprising University of Winnipeg faculty and staff reviews each candidacy using a competitive, merit-based scoring system. They assess profiles based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Academic achievement as evidenced by final high school grades and admission average
  • Leadership qualities and experiences outlined in the resumé
  • Strength and originality of personal essay response
  • Quality of two letters of reference attesting to candidate’s attributes
  • Performance during an in-person or virtual interview for shortlisted finalists

The top 10 candidates who demonstrate the most well-rounded excellence based on these measures are named as recipients of the multi-year $20,000 President’s Scholarship. They are notified by email in late March or early April before being formally recognized at the University of Winnipeg’s awards ceremony in spring.

Important Policies and Conditions

While the President’s Scholarship offers tremendous benefits, recipients are expected to fulfill some ongoing responsibilities. Here are the key terms and conditions:

  • Commit to full-time studies (minimum 30 credit hours per year) to receive annual $5,000 installments.
  • Maintain cumulative GPA above 3.5 each term to keep scholarship in good standing.
  • Scholarship funds can be combined with additional major external awards, but total funding cannot exceed annual tuition costs.
  • Deferral of up to 1 year may be possible with special permission in rare circumstances.
  • Funding is guaranteed for up 4 years or degree completion, whichever is shorter.

Meeting these expectations ensures recipients maximize benefits while upholding their part of the agreement. Now we’ll explore some frequently asked questions about final details.

Common Questions

As the application deadline approaches, candidates may have additional inquiries. Here are answers to two frequently asked questions:

What if I decide to change my degree program after first year?

The President’s Scholarship can be retained if you transfer into another eligible undergraduate program within the University of Winnipeg. Just consult the Awards Office to complete a program change request form by the end of your first year.

What supports are available to scholarship recipients?

In addition to major funding, recipients gain access to a network of guidance, mentorship and campus supports. This includes involvement in leadership development programs, career advancement workshops, dedicated advising, and more.

To apply, Click on this Link 


This award presents an incredible opportunity for high-achieving individuals to gain recognition, financial support and personal growth opportunities during their undergraduate journey. With diligent preparation of application materials showcasing academic excellence and leadership qualities, candidates position themselves well for selection.

Whether you are still in high school or begin applying shortly, taking the time now to learn award requirements and start developing your profile will serve you well down the road. Don’t hesitate to contact the University of Winnipeg Awards Office if you have any other questions after reading this detailed guide. Wishing all potential applicants the best of luck with their 2024 President’s Scholarship applications and subsequent studies at this outstanding institution.

Final Questions

Let me know if you have any other queries after reading through this comprehensive article:

What extracurricular activities or jobs would stand out most on my application?

The selection committee seeks well-rounded individuals, so activities demonstrating leadership, community service, research involvement and unique interests and talents will impress them the most. Examples include student government positions, charitable volunteering, competitive sports teams, campus clubs, academic research projects, political campaigns, entrepreneurial ventures, freelance work in the arts and more.

How far in advance should I start preparing for the application?

Allow yourself at least 6 months to a year to strategically develop an outstanding application profile. Use this time to broaden your extracurricular portfolio, pursue leadership roles, network for strong references, refine your writing abilities and practice interview skills. Request transcripts, reference letters and other supporting documents well in advance of deadlines too. With diligent preparation spanning your final year of high school and beyond, you’ll be in an optimal position come January’s deadline.

Please let me know if any other questions arise! I wish you the very best moving forward.

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