Mini Militia Mod 5.5.0 Apk (Unlimited Coin) Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia has been dominating the multiplayer shooter space on mobile devices since its early 2013 release. 

With its simplistic yet addictive gameplay mechanics and range of competitive game modes, it amassed a huge following of loyal players around the world. 

Over the years, the developers at Gametion Private Limited based in India have consistently updated the game with new maps, weapons and features to keep things fresh. 

However, one downside is that progression through the game relies heavily on in-app purchases of coins in order to unlock the full arsenal. 

This can become quite costly if you want to try out all the weapons and attachments. Enter the Mini Militia mod 5.5.0 APK. By applying a few tweaked game files, this modded version grants the godly power of having infinite coins right from the start. 

This opens up unlimited customization options without any paywalls getting in the way of the pure fun of engaging in intense fast-paced online matches.

This guide will provide a step-by-step process on downloading, installing and setting up the Mini Militia 5.5.0 mod on Android devices. 

It will then go into detailed explanations of all the core gameplay mechanics such as controls, maps, game modes and the immense variety of powerful weapons at your disposal. 

Plenty of tips and strategies from experienced players will also be shared to help newcomers and veterans alike dominate the battlefields of Doodle Army 2. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the action!

What is Mini Militia 

Mini Militia is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players join teams to compete in 3v3 or 5v5 matches. The default mode has you capturing flags to score points, while deathmatch lets you focus solely on eliminating enemies. 

It offers a variety of guns, grenades, melee weapons and customizable characters to choose from. The missions and ranks keep things engaging as you level up. Coin collection is required to buy new gear and upgrades.

Issues with the Original Version

While Mini Militia provides countless hours of entertainment, some downsides include:

Slow coin earning: It takes a very long time to accumulate coins through regular gameplay to purchase items. 

In-app purchases: You can speed up the process by spending real money, but not everyone wants to make in-app transactions.

Ad watching: Forced ad watching is another way to earn coins, but too many interrupt gameplay.

How the Mod Fixes It

This modified APK addresses the above problems by

Unlimited coins: You’ll never have to worry about coin balance again with infinite coins unlocked right from the start. 

  • All guns/characters: The entire arsenal of weapons and customizable characters are now available for free.
  • No level cap: The level cap has been increased dramatically so you don’t hit a progression wall early on.

Here are some additional premium features unlocked

  • God mode: You become nearly invincible, taking very little damage from enemy fire. 
  • Unlimited nitro: Refill your speed boost instantly so you can zoom across maps continuously.  
  • One-shot kills: All your hits are lethal, taking out enemies in a single shot.
  • No hit flare: Enemies won’t know your location from muzzle flare or damage numbers appearing.
  • Unlimited mods: All weapon modifications like scope, stock etc. can now be infinitely added.
  • Customizable crosshairs: Over 20 styles to choose from, allowing you to pick one most suitable for your aim

What’s New in Mini Militia Mod 5.5.0?

The latest Mini Militia Mod 5.5.0 APK comes with the following key features and improvements

  • Infinite or Unlimited Coins from the beginning
  • Permanent Nitro – No need to refill or wait
  • High Damage increase
  • Freeze Protection – You won’t be kicked out due to internet disconnections
  • Unlocked all costumes and skins
  • Max level achieved
  • All weapons unlocked
  • 1 hit kills enabled
  • Grenades with increased blast radius
  • No ads support
  • Smaller map size for quicker matches
  • Much faster reload time for weapons

With all these premium features available for free, Mini Militia Mod APK provides an unparalleled experience for long-time fans of this addictive multiplayer shooter game on mobile.

Benefits of the Modded Version

The modded or hacked version fixes this by providing infinite or unlimited coins right from the start. This allows players to instantly unlock everything and focus only on enjoying the core shooting gameplay. Other benefits include unlimited nitro, freeze protection from being kicked out of matches, high damage increase, and much more without any limits.

System Requirements

To install and play the modded Mini Militia APK, your Android device should meet the following requirements:

  • Android 7.0 or higher
  • at least 2GB RAM
  • at least 2.5GB free storage space

Download the Mini Militia Mod 5.5.0 APK

You can download the Mini Militia Mod 5.5.0 APK file from the link below. Make sure to have unknown sources enabled on your Android device.

How to Install the Modded APK

To start enjoying these perks, follow these simple steps;

1. Download the Mini Militia 5.5.0 mod APK file above. 

2. Ensure your device has enabled “Install from Unknown Sources” in Settings > Safety. 

3. Locate the APK and tap to install it. 

4. Once installed, open the app and log in with your existing or new profile.

5. Enjoy unlimited coins and unrestricted gameplay in Mini Militia!

You may need to clear cache and app data for the changes to fully take effect. Back up your existing data to transfer progress.

Initial Game Setup 

With the mod now installed, go ahead and launch the Mini Militia app icon. You will be greeted by the familiar character customization menu. Here you can choose a nickname to represent yourself in online battles. Feel free to get creative since it’s just for fun. Then tick the boxes to agree to basic terms and privacy policies before getting started. 

Tip: Make sure to use a memorable name you’ll be able to recognize in future sessions amidst a sea of players. Keep it appropriate too to avoid any names being filtered out.

Once created, your profile will be automatically signed in for future logins with that nickname saved. 

From here, you’ll land at the main menu consisting of the game’s various modes, weapons armory, settings cog and more. Let’s go into customizing the vital control and graphics options first before jumping into matchessmoothly.

Customizing Controls and Graphics

Tapping the settings icon located at the top right of every menu screen opens up the options panel. Here you can tweak various parameters to suit your preferences and device’s capabilities.

Starting with the controls subsection, various virtual button layouts are available to choose from like simple, advanced and even customized layouts you define yourself. Adjust the size and position of these on-screen controls for a comfortable reach. 

Sensitivity settings allow lowering or intensifying the reaction of camera and aiming movements. Button functions like crouch and fire can also be remapped if desired. 

Graphic quality largely depends on your device’s processing power. Balancing between framerate, resolution and visual effects is key for smooth performance without many dropped frames. 

You can also selectively disable extraneous elements like bloom, shadows etc. to maximize optimization where needed. 

Sound settings cover master volume, sound effects level and even headphone/speaker output selection. 

Changing touch response threshold helps distinguish accidental taps from intentional commands. In-game hints and controller vibration can be toggled for additional custom layers of personalization. 

Once satisfied with the setup, don’t forget to test it out in a practice match for fine tuning any little quirks before the real online intensity!

Connecting to WiFi

With controls and graphics set to your liking, it’s time to log online and track down some enemies to eliminate. Under the network subsection of settings, ensure your device is connected to a stable WiFi source for lag-free multiplayer mayhem. 

The game will automatically scan for available nearby games hosted by other players on the same network. You only need to select the room you wish to join and await match start confirmation.

Mini Militia uses a peer-to-peer connection model between devices rather than dedicated game servers. 

So your internet speeds and individual connections will largely determine a smooth experience when matched up. A strong 2.4/5GHz connection without too much interference works best. Having others connected and streaming content simultaneously can slow things down.

As long as you follow some network best practices, you’ll be fragging foes in no time across the varied game modes awaiting your skills to be tested on their unique battlefields!

Gameplay Fundamentals 

Now that everything is configured to your liking, let’s get into the core of what makes Mini Militia such an addictive experience – its intuitive yet intense controls and gameplay mechanics.

At its heart, the gameplay revolves around competitive team and free-for-all deathmatch modes. 

Players navigate colorful voxel-styled maps engaging in ranged and melee combat. Movement is handled through a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen while aiming, firing and other actions utilize various face buttons. 

Getting around is simplified yet offers enough depth. Tapping anywhere on the map quickly warps your character across long distances. 

But for more tactical maneuvering in heated firefights, the joystick also allows sliding, jumping and sprinting at boosted speeds for brief periods by holding the dedicated buttons. Walls and obstacles can be vaulted over smoothly as well with a well-timed jump.

Weapons differ in rates of fire, damage stats, ammo capacity and projectile velocity to suit varied playstyles. Mastering things like burst firing, leading shots, tossing grenades takes time but feels incredibly satisfying to pull off risky tricks on enemies. And the mod’s infinite coins let you experiment freely

Throughout these heated skirmishes, utilizing the mini-map in the top right corner is essential to keep track of ally positions, objective progress and enemy movements for strategizing ambushes or coordinated pushes. So let’s explore the diverse combat modes and exotic arsenal next.

Here is the continuation of the article:

Game Modes

With the fundamentals understood, it’s time to sample Mini Militia’s tasty buffet of competitive gameplay offerings across various modes. Jumping between them keeps things fresh through constantly evolving challenges and team dynamics. Modes include:

Arena Mode 

This classic team deathmatch pits 26 players in gladiatorstyle combat within tightly knit arenas. Small maps encourage fierce confrontations around every corner as you tactically cover fire for teammates to slowly gain kills toward the target score limit. Accuracy and map awareness rule here.


Every man for himself in this freeforall knife battle to the death! Survival skills are put to the test avoiding ambushes while still hunting down others one slash at a time. Twists turns keep you on your toes right until down to the final duo.

Sniper Mode

As the name implies, only long range precision rifles are enabled in this slow paced test of marksmanship. Careful scoping combined with leading moving targets over distance separates decent shots from true snipers. One shot can mean victory or defeat. 

Bomber Mode 

One player carries a bomb while others play defense or offense.Defenders must eliminate the bomber or defuse in time,while attackers help their explosive bearing ally reach the destination. Advanced strategy and role coordination takes this mode to new levels.

Survival Mode

Waves of zombies relentlessly pursue human survivors across several maps. Teamwork and smart resource management overcome the creatures of the night through multiple rounds of escalating threat. A true test of clutch factors under pressure!

There is genuinely something here for all skill levels and playstyles. Switching it up helps lengthen Mini Militia’s longevity through the variety of objectives and approaches each mode cultivates. But to truly succeed, a trusty armory is needed.


With a base understanding of modes under your belt, it’s time to unleash carnage with Mini Militia’s diverse weapons technology. Thanks to unlimited coins, every tool of destruction is freely yours to experiment with.

Primary Weapons

Machine Gun:   Can’t go wrong with this reliable automatic rifle for midrange mayhem. Just watch ammo count.

Sniper Rifle: Farreaching headshots await with this heavy hitter. Mastering drag scoping takes practice but feels immensely satisfying. 

Shotgun: Reign short range chaos by getting up close and unleashing its punishing spread. Tricky part is closing that distance.

Grenade Launcher: Tired of camping? Rain down indirect explosive destruction on distant targets or terrain. 

RPG: Nothing spells wipeout quite like a direct hit from this big boy. Just don’t splash yourself!

Secondary Weapons

Pistol: Preferred backup when reloading primaries during the heat of battle. Great for lining quick headshots too.

Revolver:  Harder hitting but slower alternative to the pistol. Treat it with respect like a true cowboy. 

Knife:  All about risk reward, this lets you swiftly take down fleeing enemies or damage primaried foes. 

Grenades:  From smokes to frags, they offer areaofeffect mayhem when tossed creatively around corners.

With infinite currency applying zero limitations, feel empowered to wildly experiment until finding playstyles that click best. 

Tips for Playing Like a Pro

To wrap up, here are some advanced techniques separating pros from novices

  1. Master recoil control and bursting for laserlike precision across any range 
  2. Manipulate your environment  learn jump boosts, position off map strats 
  3. Use sound cues like footsteps to predict enemy movements 
  4. Adjust sensitivity settings specifically for different weapons  
  5. Customize controls for maximum comfort during fast engagements
  6. Communicate  call out enemy positions and coordinates verbally for teamwork
  7. Study spawn patterns and predict rotations to turn tides via flanks
  8. Warm up routinely in practice mode against bots to stay at peak performance
  9. Set specific warmup and training routines to continually level up skills over time

With dedicated practice, the strategies shared here and more discovered on your own journey can elevate anyone into Mini Militia masters dominating servers. The journey of improvement never ends!

Common Issues and Their Fixes

Though the Mini Militia Mod APK is quite stable, some users may face errors. Here are solutions to common problems:

  1. If the game crashes on launch, clear app cache and restart your device.
  2. For lag spikes, close all background apps and play on a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  3. If stuck on loading screens, reinstall the latest mod APK file.
  4. Check for any pending OS or security updates on your Android phone.
  5. Make sure your device meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements.
  6. Try a different download mirror link if the first one doesn’t work.
  7. As a last resort, uninstall and do a fresh install of the modded Mini Militia APK.


Modded Mini Militia APK version 5.5.0 gives a joyful infinite coins experience without any restrictions for all fans of this amazing multiplayer shooter game. By following the simple downloading and installation steps along with some gameplay tips shared here, everyone can now quickly unlock everything and enjoy the full modded version at no cost on their Android devices. Do share your experience and feedback in the comments below.

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