Efootball Pes 2024 Apk OBB Download for free

Do you want to download the 2024  eFootball Pes Apk + OBB file where all assets are totally free? This article is for you.

eFootball PES 2024, the latest installment of the renowned football simulation video game by Konami, has taken the gaming world by storm. 

With its transition from the Pro Evolution Soccer series to the eFootball series, this game has undergone a complete rebranding and has become a free-to-play sensation. 

Released on September 9, 2023, eFootball 2024 Mobile has captivated football enthusiasts across various platforms, including Android, iOS devices, Windows 10, Steam, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 consoles. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the exciting new features that eFootball 2024 Mobile has to offer.

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eFootball 2024 Mobile Application Features

Best Graphics

Prepare to be amazed by the visual enhancements in eFootball 2024 Mobile. The game’s graphics have been taken to a whole new level, bringing every stadium, player, and moment to life like never before. Immerse yourself in the stunning and realistic world of virtual football.

New Competitions and Modes

eFootball 2024 Mobile introduces exciting new competitions and game modes, offering players even more ways to test their football skills. Whether you prefer a challenging tournament or a casual friendly match, this game has it all. Explore diverse gameplay options and find the perfect match for your style.

Updated Team, Player, and Manager Data

Stay up-to-date with the 23-24 season as eFootball 2024 Mobile brings you the most recent team, player, and manager data. This ensures that your virtual football experience remains as realistic as possible. Manage your favorite teams with the latest roster changes and make strategic decisions based on real-world events.

New Team Playstyle Level and Players

Experience a new dimension of gameplay with the introduction of the “Team Playstyle Level.” Now, players can adapt their strategies based on their team’s playstyle, adding depth and tactical nuance to the field. Additionally, fresh talent has been added to the mix, allowing you to enhance your squad with new and promising players.

Updated Team Playstyle Proficiency

Bid farewell to the old eFootball 2023 mobile system as “Team Playstyle Proficiency” has been phased out. The game now focuses on more intuitive and dynamic team playstyle management, offering greater strategic freedom. Explore new ways to dominate the field and outsmart your opponents.

Base Team Settings in Game Plan

Managing your team’s settings has never been easier with the integration of “Base Team Settings” into the Game Plan feature. This change streamlines your tactical decisions, allowing you to fine-tune your squad’s performance effortlessly. Make precise adjustments and optimize your team’s gameplay.

Base Teams for Each Game Plan

Tailor your strategy for every match by setting “Base Teams” for each Game Plan. This enhancement adds depth to your gameplay, ensuring you’re prepared to face any opponent with a customized approach. Strategize and adapt your tactics based on the specific challenges you encounter.

In-Game Asset and Data Carryove

Worried about losing your hard-earned in-game assets? Fear not, as the eFootball 2024 Mobile update includes a seamless data carryover process. This means that your team, players, and acquired assets will transition smoothly to the new season. Continue your progress without any setbacks.

Gameplay Adjustments

The eFootball 2024 Mobile team has implemented various gameplay adjustments to enhance the overall experience. Expect improvements in controls, animations, and realism, making every match feel like a thrilling real-life football showdown. Immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the smooth and refined gameplay.

Fixes for Various Issues

No update is complete without addressing bugs and issues. The latest eFootball 2024 Mobile update takes care of various issues to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. The developers value your feedback and are committed to delivering a high-quality product.

Efootball Pes 2024 Apk OBB Download for free

How to Install eFootball PES 2024 Mobile APK and OBB on Android

To install eFootball PES 2024 Mobile on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open Zarchiver Pro Apk App: Begin by launching the Zarchiver Pro Apk App on your Android device.
  2. Locate Obb PES 2024 Rar file: Use the app to locatethe Obb PES 2024 Rar file that you have downloaded.
  3. Click on the Obb Rar file: Once you have found the file, click on it to open it within the Zarchiver Pro app.
  4. Access the device or phone memory: Within the Zarchiver Pro app, navigate to the device or phone memory folder where you want to extract the files.
  5. Go to the Android folder: While in the device or phone memory folder, locate and click on the “Android” folder.
  6. Access the Obb folder: Within the “Android” folder, you will find the “Obb” folder. Click on it to open it.
  7. Extract the Obb Rar file: In the top menu of the Zarchiver Pro app, you will see an icon that looks like an arrow pointing downwards. Click on this icon to initiate the extraction process. The Obb Rar file of eFootball PES 2024 Mobile will be successfully extracted once the extraction progress reaches 100%.
  8. Locate and Install eFootball PES 2024 Apk: After the extraction is complete, you can locate the eFootball PES 2024 Apk file on your device. Install the Apk file following the standard installation process for Android applications.


I hope you find this guide insightful and fun. If you encounter any challenge from the app, do well to comment below. 

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