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Clash of Gangs is one of the most popular mobile strategy games available on Android and iOS. Released in 2017 by gaming studio PikPok, it has been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide. The game puts players in control of their own criminal gang as they battle other gangs for control of the streets. With easy-to-learn mechanics but high replay value, Clash of Gangs offers endless tactics and strategies for any would-be crime boss. 

To capture the reader’s attention, imagine yourself as the leader of a small street gang facing tough competition in a gritty urban neighborhood. You’ve got limited resources and manpower, but big ambitions. It’s time to start planning your rise to the top – but you’ll need to choose your moves carefully. One wrong decision could mean the end for your crew!

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How to download Clash of Gang game

Clash of Gangs is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. You can download it below. 

Upon opening the game for the first time, you’ll be prompted to name your gang and choose a neighborhood to begin in. Each area has a mix of residential, commercial and industrial zones to capture. You’ll start with a single building and a handful of low-level thugs. 

From here, it’s time to get to work upgrading your gang’s, recruiting new members, stealing supplies and expanding your territory one block at a time. Pay attention to your gang’s needs like hunger, sleep and morale as you develop your criminal empire!

Capturing Buildings and Zones

Capturing new buildings and zones is key to growing your gang’s power and resources. To do so, simply tap on an unclaimed area and your thugs will begin the capture process. The time it takes depends on factors like the building’s size and your gang members’ stats. Successfully capturing a location earns cash, supplies and sometimes new recruits. Failed attempts might spark retaliation from rival gangs though, so be prepared for fights!

Upgrading Your Headquarters 

Invest some of your early earnings back into your HQ to unlock new abilities and upgrade existing ones. This includes more comfortable sleeping quarters to boost morale, a better kitchen to satisfy hunger faster, and training rooms that enhance combat skills over time. The stronger your HQ, the stronger your whole gang becomes. Be strategic with upgrades – focus on what matters most at each stage of the game.

Recruiting and Managing Your Crew

No gang can succeed without loyal and capable members. Recruiting starts by placing ads around your territory or ambushing lone civilians. New recruits begin as low-level Thugs but can be steadily promoted through jobs, training and combat experience. Look after your crew by assigning them duties like building defenses, collecting cash or fighting rival gangs. Also monitor attributes like skills, morale and injury levels to get the most from each member. 

Combat and Engaging with Other Gangs

Conflict is inevitable in Clash of Gangs. Rival crews will try stealing your territory and supplies, so be ready for fights. Gang battles play out in a turn-based card format where each member’s stats and equipped weapons determine damage dealt. Successfully defend your holdings or invade opponents to earn rewards. Just be wary – losing too many battles could mean the downfall of your organization! Pace confrontations strategically as your gang grows stronger. 

Earning and Spending In-Game Cash

cash is critical for fueling your gang’s rise in Clash of Gangs. Outside of captures, sources include daily sign-in bonuses, completing missions, selling stolen goods on the black market and more. Save up to cover operating costs like food, healthcare and building maintenance. But don’t be afraid to splash out on bigger priorities too, like recruiting drive ads, combat gear for enforcers or upgrading your HQ. Look for the best long-term investments at each stage of the game.

Daily and Special Events 

Login each day for rewards, bonuses and time-limited events. Complete daily challenges for extra resources and complete special crime jobs that become available periodically. Holiday-themed challenges also offer cosmetic rewards to further customize your gang’s appearance. Events are a great way to earn cache quickly outside of standard gameplay. Make the most of each one as they only run for a limited time.

Customizing Your Gang’s Look

As your crew expands, you’ll unlock new customization options. Change your HQ’s exterior design, pick outfits for each gang position, and spray graffiti tags around your turf. Equip special masks or colors during fights for an intimidation bonus too. While purely cosmetic, customization helps you develop your unique gang identity and play style in the challenging streets of Clash of Gangs. 


I keep losing fights with other gangs. What am I doing wrong?

A few common reasons for defeat include under-leveled gang members, low morale, poor weapon selection or taking on too many rivals at once. Focus upgrades on combat stats, regularly satisfy needs, equip the best gear and only engage 1-2 enemies per battle as you build up strength. Retreating is also an option if odds seem stacked against you. Come back stronger to re-challenge opponents later.


As this overview demonstrates, Clash of Gangs offers tremendous depth through its intuitive simulation of real gang operations. Players must carefully manage all aspects of their criminal enterprise like leadership, recruitment, conflict, negotiations and control of the streets. With strategic long-term planning, creativity and tactical battle smarts, any aspiring crime boss can rise to the top. For endless replay value and an engaging experience that feels more like creating your own urban underworld, Clash of Gangs is highly recommended for fans of strategy, resource management and some casual street warfare. Now get out there and start building your own criminal empire!

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