Modern Combat 4 Java game

The U.S. suffered a nuclear attack that undermined the stability of the whole world. The international security summit opened in Hawaii is disrupted when a terrorist organization breaks into it and takes the world leaders present hostage. In the role of U.S. Army Corporal Joel Blake and your associates, you must repel the enemies – … Read more

Assassin’s Creed 3

The story of Assassin’s Creed 3 is set in the American continent in the mid-to-late 18th century. The new hero of this work calls himself “Connor”. His father is British and his mother is an original native of North America, that is, an Indian. He grew up in the village of Mohawk outside the country … Read more

Mortal Kombat 3

Do you remember the flesh and blood Mortal Kombat series? Now MK3 is going to be reappeared on mobile phones! Whether you were Liu Kang, Sonya, Sub-Zero or MAJ at that time, at this moment, you accept the arrangement of fate again! Gorgeously use the unforgotten continuous skills and must-kill skills, and embark on the … Read more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2024 JAVA

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 will bring players full control beyond other football games. With the help of the new AI and ballless running control system, players can transfer players to dangerous areas when positioning the ball, or control the deputy players to create a strategic space, or use the new team control system

God of War 2 – Java Game Download

Inherit the refreshing and shocking battle of God of War I, and then continue the classic of the masterpiece. In order to pursue the murderer who framed himself, the protagonist fell into a hell of killing. There are monsters in the way in the front, and then there are soldiers in the divine world. Blood … Read more

War of the Gods : Fallen Angel Lucifer

War, suffering, sadness. Does God only bring these? Then I would like to fall into the darkness, and the blade of thunder will flatten these hypocritical gods with me. The first part of the epic masterpiece Gods series. Gorgeous Japanese and Korean style pictures, realistic fighting special effects, epic stories, take you to experience the … Read more

Immortal Rebellion JAVA Game

The game has been XX. For the sake of safety, please play with offline or waste cards. The annual Xianxia ARPG is sincerely dedicated, with hundreds of maps and tens of thousands of words of plots, showing the life-and-death competition between the three races of people, demons and demons for decades. Five elements magic weapon, … Read more