2024 OPAY USSD CODE [updated]

Are you searching for the best way to use your OPAY USSD code? Have you forgotten OPAY USSD code and you need it now? Look no further. I will help you with all your need. 

In this article, I will explain step-by-step what Opay USSD code is, how to transfer money using the OPAY USSD, and ready to answer your questions. 

By following the simple instructions, you’ll be able to send funds instantly to friends and family for everyday needs like paying bills, buying airtime, or splitting expenses with OPAY USSD code.

What is OPAY USSD Code?

The OPAY Ussd code is *955#. With this, you will be able to make any transaction. 

How to Transfer Money Using OPAY USSD Code in Nigeria

OPAY is one of the most popular mobile money platforms in Nigeria for sending and receiving funds through a mobile phone. With OPAY, you can transfer money securely from your OPAY wallet to another OPAY user or bank account simply by using the USSD code. 

How to get started with OPAY USSD

To start transferring money with OPAY USSD, you’ll first need to register for an OPAY account if you don’t already have one. This involves providing your phone number and personal details. Once registered, you will receive an OTP to set up your secure PIN for login. 

Make sure you have some funds available in your OPAY wallet to transfer. You can load money onto your OPAY account via bank deposit, ATM, bank transfer, or by receiving funds from another OPAY user. Maintaining a balance in your OPAY wallet makes money transfers quick and convenient whenever needed.

How to  Activate OPAY USSD Code

Dial the OPAY USSD code *955# from your phone to access the system. You will need to have USSD enabled on your mobile network settings. 


The USSD code allows you to login securely to your OPAY account and carry out transfers and other services without the need to download an app. It works on any basic phone and provides a simple menu interface to navigate OPAY features.


Once you enter the USSD code, you will be prompted to input your registered OPAY PIN. Carefully enter the correct PIN to access your account menu. Take note of any login attempts limits to avoid blocking your account due to multiple errors.

How to Transferring to Another OPAY User

One of the main uses of OPAY is sending funds to other OPAY wallet holders instantly. Follow these steps to transfer to an OPAY number using USSD Code:

Select “Transfer” 

From the main USSD menu, select the “Transfer” option. 

Choose “Opay to Opay” 

A list of transfer types will appear – choose “Opay to Opay” to transfer to another OPAY user.

Enter Recipient Details

You’ll be asked to input the 10-digit OPAY phone number of the recipient and the amount you want to send. Double check that the number is correct to avoid sending funds to the wrong person by mistake.

Confirm Transfer 

The transaction details will be displayed for you to confirm. Enter your OPAY PIN one last time to authorize the transfer from your wallet.

Transfer Completes Instantly

Once submitted, the transfer is completed immediately and deducted from your OPAY balance. The recipient will receive an alert notifying them of the received funds.


 How to Transfer to a Bank Account Using OPAY USSD Code

Thanks for reading to this end. You can also use OPAY USSD to send money directly from your OPAY wallet and into a recipient’s bank account linked to their BVN. Follow these steps:

Select “Transfer”

As before, select the “Transfer” option from the main menu.

Choose “Opay to Bank” 

Choose the “Opay to Bank” transfer type this time instead of “Opay to Opay”.

Select Receiving Bank

A list of supported banks will appear – select the bank where the recipient’s account is held. The major Nigerian banks are available.

Enter Account Details 

Enter the recipient’s valid account number and confirm their bank details. Double checking is important.

Enter Amount & Confirm

Enter the amount you wish to transfer and confirm all details. Submit your OPAY PIN to authorize the bank transfer.

Transfer is Processed  

The transfer will be processed and funds deducted from your OPAY balance. It may take 1 second to 48 hours for the recipient’s bank to reflect the amount received depending on their financial institution.

How to Use OPAY USSD Code for Betting

Dial *955# and enter your Opay PIN.

Select “Betting” from the menu (availability may depend on partnerships).

Choose your preferred betting platform from the available options.

Follow the on-screen instructions to fund your betting account using your Opay balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for OPAY transfers?

For instant Opay to Opay transfers under ₦10,000 daily, there is no transfer fee charged. A small percentage fee applies on higher amounts as per OPAY’s published tariff rates. 

Is Opay a legit bank?

Opay is not a bank but a licensed Mobile Money Operator in Nigeria, regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. While Opay is not a traditional bank, it provides a legitimate platform for financial transactions with regulatory compliance and innovative security measures.

Is OPay approved by CBN?

Yes, OPay is approved and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide mobile money services in Nigeria.

What if I make a mistake during transfer? 

If you notice an error was made before confirming the transaction with your PIN, press the back button to cancel and re-enter details correctly. Once submitted, OPAY transfers cannot be canceled or reversed. So double check everything before final confirmation.

How can I reset my Opay PIN if I forget it?


Unfortunately, resetting your Opay PIN directly through USSD is not possible. Here’s what you can do

Using the Opay App (if available): If you have access to the Opay app on another device (phone or someone else’s phone), you can reset your PIN through the app’s “Settings” or “Security” section.

Contacting Opay Customer Support: If you don’t have access to the Opay app, you’ll need to contact Opay customer support. You can reach them through their official website, social media channels, or by calling their customer service hotline. Be prepared to provide them with identifying information to verify your account ownership.


Thanks for reading to this very end. 

In summary, the OPAY USSD interface provides an easy and convenient way to send money to other OPAY users or bank accounts directly from your mobile phone without hassles. 

By simply dialing *955 and following the steps outlined above, you can conduct secure OPAY transfers instantly. This helps drive financial inclusion across Nigeria as more citizens embrace digital payment solutions accessible to all. With its wide reach and accessibility even on basic phones, OPAY continues leading financial inclusion through its robust USSD platform.